What is wrong with outsourcing and how can you correct it?

In this day and age, there is no organisation that does not require outsourcing governance as a part of its operations. It could be critical or a support function, but outsource they all do.

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HR policies then and now

In 2016, organizational productivity was the main talking point of many conversations. What were the key contributors of productivity? Did employee wellness play a crucial role in improving productivity? What role did work-life balance have in this? Was the open office a productivity ..

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Want to work smart? Follow these powerful expert advice

Everybody has 7 days in a week and 24 hours in each day.  And so much work to do. If you thought getting through your work week was bad, imagine how it must be for CEOs, business heads, presidents. Is there a personal task management system that they follow?

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Should HR Be the ‘Center of Excellence’ For Productivity?

Since many of us now spend our days fully immersed in a digital workplace it seems possible that some kind of app could track what we do and give us insight into how to be more productive.

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Sapience Buddy for Android does more than just track time, it helps you make time

I’m a “professional procrastinator” as sometimes I even procrastinate when trying to figure out the reasons on why I procrastinate. I believe that procrastination must be dealt with just as an addiction. You are actually addicted on not doing the things you should do.

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What’s Wrong With Work Today?

Technology advances have made it possible to work smarter and faster. Yet, people seem to be putting in more and more hours each day. While productivity becomes the new mantra, stress levels are on the rise. The World Health Organization estimates the annual cost of employee ...

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Time And Attendance Management In Digital Age: It’s about time

Traditional models of keeping track of workforce time and attendance were simply a matter of punching-in and punching-out. Straightforward and methodical, these were ideal for an environment that required employees to clock 8-hour shifts that began and ended at the same time every day.

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5 must-have tools for startup sales team

Want your sales team to be more productive, close deals faster and be on top of everything? Check out these tools to make daily tasks easier.


With each passing day, the world is getting more and more automation-dependent. People now want everything at their fingertips and are increasingly becoming hesitant to leave the cozy comforts of their surroundings. read more

Take a break to be more productive at work

You will probably be surprised if we say that training yourself for productivity is, in some ways, like preparing for a marathon—but bear with us. Along with the physical training, marathon training regimes demand periods of rest between the runs so that the muscles can rest, ...

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Forbes India: Cracked, but not yet broken

Over the past few years we have seen a fair number of Fortune 500 companies appoint women in leadership roles. Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Indira Nooyi of Pepsico, Mary Barra of General Motors and in India, Arundhati Bhattacharya of State Bank of India and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw of Biocon are some shining examples of women who have managed to make their place in the proverbial C-suite boys club.

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