Brad Killinger Speaks on People Analytics, Finding Common Ground in Outsourcing and the Privacy Debate

Sapience CEO Brad Killinger recently participated in a PULSE magazine interview...

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Sapience Analytics Takes a Minute to Be in the Customer Experience Moment at ‘One Sapience’ Kick Off Event

A fast-growing company must take care to never lose sight of the needs of its employees and customers

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In Celebration of Productivity: How Improving Workplace Productivity is Key to Global Prosperity

Productivity isn’t everything, but in the long run it is almost everything. A country’s ability to improve its standard of living over time depends almost entirely on its ability to raise its output per worker.

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Strategic Supplier Management for Cognitive Outsourcing

What is Strategic Supplier Management?

Sapience Analytics’ Khiv Singh recently shared his thoughts on how a data-driven foundation is key to the practice of cognitive outsourcing which fuels Strategic Supplier Management. Which begs the question, what is Strategic Supplier Management? read more

Stop Suffering the Sting of Anti-Work-from-Home Policies!

Recently, it was reported that BNY Mellon has ordered its UK-based employees to stop working from home, causing upheaval and uproar among staff who have become accustomed to having this flexibility.

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How to Effectively Motivate Employees

For years, employee motivation efforts have focused on granting assignments and providing rewards, both financial and nonfinancial. However, today’s employees desire more than bigger paychecks, gift certificates, and broader roles.

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How much is bad data costing you?

Every day, in every organization, senior leadership teams rely on data to make key decisions about hiring, project assignment, vendor selection, employee promotions and more.

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Yes, it is still an excellent idea to work from home

Everyone knows the benefits and attractions of working from home. Given a choice, and chance, who would say no to this ideal way of working

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How do You Measure Productivity in Your Teams?

The conventional method used to measure productivity in manufacturing companies is output divided by input. This method is ideal for the manufacturing industry,

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5 things that should change at work in 2018

Technology vastly changed all aspects of our lives, particularly the workplace. Web conferencing, Skype calls, accessing files on the cloud, electronic record keeping,and financial systems, and synching calendars - the list of changes already in place is significant.

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