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Planning, idea generation, decision making, communicating, and supervising, advising or training others, are all essential activities in everyday business. With better focus, clarity, empathy and creativity we become much better at all of them. Optimizing our state of mind is critical to our business, (not to mention our happiness), yet how much priority do we give it? Choosing to take regular action to improve your mental state is one of the most powerful business decisions you will ever make.

This one-hour highly interactive webinar looks at the state of mind of technology workers today – from the scattered, anxious manager to the clear minded, supportive leader.

Contemporary research will be reviewed demonstrating the improvement in productivity, engagement and retention resulting from mindfulness practice. Participants will explore the challenges they currently face, the impact of low level state of mind on team dynamics and customer outcomes, and tangible ways they can begin improving their focus, empathy and clarity using two simple exercises. Those in attendance will have access to a research summary and two guided meditation recordings that they can use to continue practicing at home.

By the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify their own weak areas in terms of mental state
  • Recognize the need for mindfulness practice
  • Start meditating regularly to improve their own mindfulness
  • Access additional tools, resources and support

Webinar Date and Time: Wednesday, 8 th June 2016 at 4.30 PM IST

About The Presenter


Dada is a yoga monk, a meditation instructor, an author, a keynote speaker and a musician. Born in New Zealand, he was ordained as a monk in India in 1979. Dada has performed and spoken in more than 40 countries, including in Brazil in 1992 where he appeared on stage with the Dalai Lama before 10,000 people. His book on meditation, Close Your Eyes & Open Your Mind, is available in twelve languages. These days Dada teaches meditation at UC Berkeley, California, and speaks at corporations including Google, CISCO and Facebook.
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