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Sapience on Mobile automatically tracks your time spent on travel and visits. It also enables you to manually capture a location if needed. The app is most useful for mobile workforce, freelancers or any individuals for whom tracking travel time is of utmost importance. Key Features of Sapience on Mobile

  • Automatic tracking of your travel time and locations visited by you using GPS and mobile network
  • Shows distance traveled and time taken
  • Displays the route taken between two locations
  • Automatic recording of a visit – if you spend more than 15 minutes at a location
  • Enables classification of a visit or travel time as work or private
  • Predefined tags for visits or travel time such as office/home etc., are available
  • Ability to record a brief comment for visit and travel time
  • Reports showing visits and travels for the day, week or month
  • Optional uploading of work related visits and travel information to Sapience Server for further analytics.

The application works in two modes: Standalone and Enterprise.

  • Standalone Mode: All the collected data remains on the device and you don’t need to register to any Sapience server.
  • Enterprise Mode: Data about business activities are uploaded to the Sapience server for further analytics. Data about private activities never leaves the device. You need to register on the Sapience server where the business data is to be uploaded. This data and related analytics can be seen by logging on to the web client of Sapience server.

After successful installation and registration, Sapience starts keeping track of your locations visited and travel. In case of Standalone mode the travel and locations visited can be marked as Work or Private. In case of Enterprise Mode, this usage can be mapped to different Purposes based on default Intelligence rules that have been set up on the Sapience Server for your organization. You can mark Location visits and travel to Purpose of your choice. Sapience remembers these changes and makes them specific to you on your phone. Therefore, proper allocation gradually reduces the need to make explicit allocations after a few days. You can start the application UI by clicking on its icon. When you start the application for the first time after installation, you will get the following prompt. Enterprise If you select “Cancel”, then the application will remain in Standalone mode and the UI will change to Home Screen. If you select “Yes”, then the application will ask you to provide the credentials for your account on the Sapience server as shown below. Registration Please note that your account should have been created on the Sapience server before this registration process. After successful registration, the UI will switch to the Home Screen. If you are using the product in Enterprise mode, your registered name will appear on the right top corner of the application GUI. No name will be displayed in Standalone mode.

Home Screen:

This screen provides high level break up of time spent on Location visits and Travel. By default Day wise Location Visits and Travel summary is displayed. You can go to previous day or next day using swipe (Left or Right) gestures. You can view the summary in weekly mode by tapping the date displayed in RED box once. The week will be displayed in the RED box. You can go to previous week or next week using swipe (Left or Right) gestures. You can view summary for last month by taping the week. If you tap the RED box again then Day wise summary is displayed. Following figures show Home screen showing day wise summary. wind

Location Screen:

Locations screen is displayed by double tapping anywhere on the home screen. LocationListScreen Sapience captures a location when you stay at that location for 30(threshold time) or more minutes. Sapience also shows travel information between successive locations. In case of Enterprise mode, this threshold time can be configured on Sapience server. All locations other than Home or Office are recorded as Visits. You can view Locations for a day, for a week and for a month. You can switch from daily to weekly to monthly mode by tapping the RED box. Swipe (Left or Right) gestures can be used to change date and week. On the location screen you can see different locations captured on time line. Captured location shows time period for which you were at that location, Address of that location and also Location Type. Each location can be tagged as Office/Home/Others Location Type. If you select Others then you can add a tag name. E.g. XYZ Hotel. You can assign a purpose to the captured location. Tap a location to see the Location Details. LocationDetail Location details screen shows the location on the map and displays other important details about the location such as date, time span, and total time spent at that location, No of Visits at that location on selected day. If Location is tagged as Office or Home then Location is not considered as visit. In this case No of Visits will not be displayed. On Location details screen you can change the purpose, change the location type, add custom tag to location and also add a free text comment (max 140 characters) about the location. On Location screen if you tap travel details then travel details screen is displayed. TravelDetail Travel Details screen shows travel details such as Travel start time, travel duration and distance travelled. It also shows your travel path on map. You can assign a purpose to travel and also add a free text comment (max 140 characters) about the travel.

Menu options:

Following options are available in the Sapience Menu/Settings

  • About: Use this to see the copyright notice and the version number of Sapience Application installed on your device
  • Help: This option displays very help document
  • Send Logs: You can use this option to send Sapience logs for troubleshooting purpose. It will invoke an email window with the logs attached. You can provide the email address of the intended recipient(s) and send.
  • Sync (Enterprise mode only): Sapience uploads the data related to business activities to the Sapience server at defined frequency. However you can force an immediate upload by selecting this option.
  • Preferences: This option allows you to change various location tracking related parameters. It also allows you to stop or start tracking.
  • Preferences: This option allows you to change various location tracking related parameters. It also allows you to stop or start tracking.
  • Share (available only when you are in Locations tab): If you want to share your business related location details with anyone, you can use this option while you are in the appropriate tab. This option opens email client with location and travel details populated in email body.

Change Purpose:

In Enterprise mode Sapience assigns a purpose to all the Locations/Travel based on rules set on the server and manual allocations made by you in the past. In absence of any rule and history, it allocates your Locations/Travel to Private purpose. You can change these allocations to a purpose of your choice. Currently allocated purpose is displayed using following color schemes: WorkPurpose Indicates a work related purpose. You can change it if you want to. PrivatePurpose Indicates a Private purpose. You can change it if you want to. You cannot change this allocation, if all details are grayed out. There are 2 scenarios when you cannot change application purpose and activity.

  • If the date of activity is more than 7 days old.
  • If there was a rule regarding this mapping from server that cannot be overridden (Enterprise mode only).
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