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Intelligent Personal Assistant


Learning to use your time wisely begins with you and your work habits. Sapience Buddy is your personal assistance which will help you form new habits, at work and outside of work, and show you ways to make those habits stick. The work pattern tracker will help you in self-assessment and better manage your time.

Discover everything about your work time – automatically


With Sapience Buddy, you can know exactly how you spend your day, not just in office, but outside too.

At work, learn how you space yourself out with core and non-core work. Is answering emails and attending meetings eating up your time? Are digital distractions not letting you reach your personal productivity? When on the move, understand how much time is spent in commute. Do you catch yourself talking on the phone all the time?

Sapience Buddy will capture all your time data, so you can use your precious time wisely.

You decide your own goals


Set self-improvement goals in areas that you think need attention – more time on core activities, less email time, the right number of breaks, and more focus time.

Work Yoga Challenges


We have set couple of challenges for you – In the Zone and Off-PC Intervals. Pick one if you want, and start earning points. Win a badge if you perform consistently.

Broadcast your wins instantly


Tell the world when you win a Badge or wish to share your Work Selfie. Ready, set, share.

Focus Hours


Schedule some quiet hours to focus on important stuff, and find out how effective they were.

Work Fitness Selfie


Pull in your Google Fit data, and get a visual work-fitness balance image that compares your work effort and fitness time on work days and holidays.

Wellness Prompts


Nudges you if you are spending too much time on the PC (sitting is the new smoking) or have been in office for too long.

Know how much time you are spending at home and office; in traveling and walking/cycling


You could also add the screenshot of appropriate notification from the mobile client.

All your work – anywhere, anytime


Option to share your data from more than one PC and smartphones for a comprehensive view of all work activities – applications, calls, travel, remote visits, work from home and office, and more.

Secure Data sharing


Anonymized sharing of data on the server for comparison with average trends. Option to block sharing of data to ensure that your data remains on your PC.

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