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Sales leaders across the globe have to depend upon the projections by their sales team regarding closure of a deal.

Moreover, when there is inaccurate and or outdated data in your CRM, it hinders the Sales team’s ability to run reviews, manage the team, align resources and forecast with confidence.

What are the top challenges on every sales leader’s list?

  • Subjective Sales Data: Leaders have to depend on projections by their sales team regarding whether a deal will close or not. Companies require these projections and ‘gut instinct’ to be backed up by substantive facts to make critical business decisions.
  • Poor Sales Forecasting: The outcome of subjective data is poor sales forecasting. This in turn impacts every aspect of the business.
  • Lack of visibility into the direction of the sales effort: Lack of hard data on the effort spent on prospecting key opportunities reduces the ability to take timely actions and impacts sales closures in future quarters.
  • Inaccurate and outdated CRM data entry: Getting the sales team to enter data in the CRM is always a concern. The manual data entry becomes quite tedious. Hence, it is neither timely nor accurate.

What if we told you that Sapience for Sales Teams will solve all of these challenges and transform the way you sell, such that you can confidently predict the quarterly outcome? Sapience for Sales helps users achieve a 20+ percent increase in productivity while providing important actionable data to sales and support leaders to empower them to guide their teams better.

Solution Features:

Automatic Data Capture

Sapience sources effort data for each opportunity / account and uploads them to your Sales CRM. This automated, accurate and objective data capture changes the way reviews are done.

Better Sales Forecasting

Accurate data and effort analytics significantly improves forecasting. Effort Analytics helps understand effort and outcome, and results in improved prediction of sales closures.

Better Effort Alignment

With visibility of effort against each stage of the sales pipeline, you can guide the team better to ensure that enough time is spent on prospecting the right opportunities.

Better Reviews

Leverage automated data from Sapience to run better reviews and move beyond ‘gut feel’ and thereby improve sales performance.

Sample Reports for Sales Rep Review


Discover the exact effort and for what activity from each sales rep. Identify behavioral trends of your top sales reps and replicate. Identify bottlenecks and process improvement opportunities to help each rep realize their full potential.

Propel Each Sales Rep and the Team Forward

Sample Reports for Sales Rep Review


Understand the real effort in each stages of the pipe. Are sales reps spending enough time on hot and warm opportunities?

Sales Behavior is a strong predictor of Success

Sample Reports Team and Pipe


Account mapping is key but difficult to measure. Understand the real effort for each opportunity and the mix of effort. Identify where engagement is low and plan corrective action. Assign right resources and effort to right opportunities.

Manage and Shape Future Business Outcomes

Sample Reports for Sales Team Review


Effort aligned with the sales stages is the true indicator and driver of success.
Move from subjective date to objective data.

Predict outcomes confidently

Sapience for Sales benefits all stakeholders

  • Sales Reps: Focus on behavior that matters. Become more productive, close more deals.
  • Managers: Get information you need to change performance across board.
  • Business: Data-driven sales forecasting. Predict outcomes confidently.


Sapience for Sales Teams captures sales rep effort and activity data in an automated manner (no user input required) and directly updates the corresponding fields in theCRM. Now, reps do not have to spend hours updating their CRM, they can spend more time on selling and solving support issues.

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