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“Work is hard, distractions are plentiful and time is short” – Adam Hochschild

“I knew that” – you

If there was a prize for stating the obvious, one would be tempted to give it to Adam. You are probably already painfully aware that the workplace is awash with distractions – calls, messenger pings, emails, meetings and social media.

Would a carefully compiled research report that identifies the impact of these distractions help drive that point home even more – maybe? We are sure though that what would definitely help is a just as carefully compiled set of tips that allow you to deal with these distractions. While it is important to know how you manage your time and what to do, it is equally important to know and understand what is standing in your way of effective time management.

The research report also contains a bonus section on Work Yoga™ – a set of work place practices that will help you with effective time management and get more done at work while being less stressed.

Don’t wait too long though – you know the next interruption is just waiting to stop by and distract you before you get this done.

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