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Bill Joy, Co-Founder of Sun Microsystems, is reputed to have exclaimed “I wish we hadn’t used all the keys on the keyboard.” He is, of-course, entitled to his opinion but for those of us who have had to struggle with a less than responsive mouse or an over-sensitive track pad, using the keyboard as a substitute can be a blessing.

Keyboard shortcuts have been around for a while but they have been shrouded in mystery – kind of a black art that only the Adepts could deploy. Well, get set to join the group privy to that esoteric knowledge for a whole bunch of really simple keyboard shortcuts that will help you browse faster, take screen shots, lock your PC and work better with several Windows-based programs.

Go ahead – give it a shot. Even if you end up saving only 10 seconds on a task you could end up saving 8 hours a month and up to 12 days a year. Happy keyboard shortcutting to you!

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