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Get the latest insights about building a mindful enterprise with powerful analytics, meeting personal goals with work/life balance and getting your time back.

Are The Efforts Of Your Employees Paying Off?

If your objective is more engaged and productive employees, and a continued focus on their overall wellness, this whitepaper should be essential reading.

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Words of Wisdom – The Role of Focus in Employee Engagement

Given the challenges organizations face in keeping their employees engaged and productive they can use all the help that is available.

My productivity secrets – Nitin Deshpande – President, Allscripts India

If you are seeking inspiration on how to get more effective, to get more out of your typical work day then you could definitely do worse than look at a much feted 30 year veteran of the Indian technology industry running a 2000 person multi-location operation.

Mobile Infographics

We’ve all heard it said “Life is what happens to you when you are looking at your smartphone.”

Research Report

You are probably already painfully aware that the workplace is awash with distractions – calls, messenger pings, emails, meetings and social media.

Enjoy a mindful day with Sapience work yoga

Yoga can help you with your wellness – Work Yoga can help you work better. Get started on the life of a Mindful Work Yogi with these 4 poses.

Are The Efforts Of Your Employees Paying Off?

Most organizations will agree that employees are working harder than ever before while also agreeing that employees are less engaged than ever before. What’s wrong with this picture?

Keyboard Shortcuts

For those of us who have had to struggle with a less than responsive mouse or an over-sensitive track pad, using the keyboard as a substitute can be a blessing.

Leading IT Services company

A global IT Consulting and Outsourcing Giant deploys Sapience for transforming & optimizing their Customer Support Business.

SLA Improvement for leading BPO

How a BPO made the switch to a profitable SLA-based Business Model - - Leveraging productivity gains from Sapience for a more profitable business approach.

Sapience Work Yoga

Many of us wish that we could change an old unproductive habit. However, while changing a habit isn't easy, Sapience Work Yoga presents...

Sapience Work Yoga – Webinar

$134 billion is the annual payroll loss incurred as a result of poor work habits and that is not only affecting productivity for the businesses but is also taking a toll on the work-life balance of employees, thus creating a vicious cycle.

Sapience Calendar 2015

As we begin 2015, ideas about how we can do things differently are abundant in our thoughts. There is definitely something attractive about the idea of a clean slate, and doing things right.

How to Work Faster

Work Yoga Series infographic

Habits and their Saga

When actions are tied to a trigger through consistent repetition, habits get formed so that the actions happen automatically when the trigger occurs.

Meeting Doodling No More

Work Yoga Series infographic

Sapience Over 25% Work Output gain at a leading media outsourcing partner

Our client is a trusted outsourcing partner for organizations all over the world. They offer a gamut of services to clients belonging to...

Stress Busters at Work

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Sapience at a fast growing KPO

Our client is a leading research and analytics KPO outsourcing firm which provides...

Is your Focus Hocus Pocus?

Work Yoga Infographic

How to process emails faster

Work Yoga Series infographic

Workforce Analytics: Redefining Approach to Employee Productivity Enhancement

One surefire way to stay ahead in the race is to achieve steady gains in organization efficiency and employee productivity.