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Outsourcing Governance

Outsourcing Governance Practice Made Easy


Manage your outsourcing engagement proactively. Set goals, new SLA’s, and measure vendor team’s performance in an automated manner using Sapience people analytics tool.

No more relying on manual reports, Sapience provides you automated and accurate reports that drive value.

Transform and automate your outsourcing governance practice.

Manage your outsourcing engagement proactively with sapience people analytics

Productivity Improvement

Make Teams 20% More Productive Without Any Process Change


Establish a culture of high performance by providing ongoing coaching and feedback. Use Sapience people analytics tool to understand productivity impediments and proactively address them.

Engage with your teams more effectively, increase time on high-value work activities and achieve upwards of 20% improvement in productivity.

Sapience people analytics tool to understand productivity

Lean Management

Fast Track Lean Management Implementation


Conduct automated time and motion study to identify process inefficiencies, wastages, productive and unproductive work.


Gain valuable operational intelligence within weeks of deploying Sapience people analytics solution.

Lean Management solution from Sapience Analytics

Process Automation

Fast Track Process Automation


Save months of effort and millions of dollars that are currently spent on lengthy and manual process studies.


Sapience delivers completely automated and detailed time and motion study reports. Understand manual and repeatable work within two weeks of installation.

Sapience people analytics sofware for process automation

Sales Productivity

Make More Rainmakers


Free up your sales reps bandwidth to sell more, automate the CRM data entry process.


Get data you need to forecast accurately, keep deals moving and focus on right opportunities.


Run better reviews, drive more sales!

Improve sales productivity by Sapience analytics solution

Employee Engagement

Elevate Employee Engagement to Support High Performance


Develop a highly engaged workforce using Sapience people analytics solution.


Measure and understand employee engagement in a completely new and automated manner.


Don’t wait until you do employee surveys to understand employee engagement, it may be too late.

Sapience People Analytics Solution provides employees to drive 20% more engagement and productivity.

Data is the fuel of the modern enterprise.
Use Sapience to get the data you need to orchestrate
better business outcomes.

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