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Talent is perhaps the most precious asset for organizations. A lot of time and money is being spent on Talent Management, and justifiably so since a motivated and talented team is one of the biggest factors driving business success.

The Talent Management workflow typically looks like this:


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Talent Management products that are available today primarily focus on the recruiting, on boarding, appraisals and compensation modules. Succession Planning and Learning and Development are other focus areas.

The ‘Attract and Hire’ aspects are addressed mainly using external data (social profiles, work experience, resume, history), while the last two are built on internal data. For the ‘Manage and Develop’ activities to be successful, it is important to have relevant and objective data for informed decision making. However, typically the inputs relating to performance tend to be highly subjective, based on manager and peer reviews for example. This is especially true in today’s office environment where people get work done mostly on the computer and in meetings, and in a highly collaborative manner. In such an environment, it is very difficult to get an accurate fix on the specific contributions and exact effort put in by each employee.

This is the void that Sapience fills. Sapience introduces a uniquely compelling dimension to Talent Management. An organization creates value through their talent and the time they spend. How the employee is spending time- on which assignments, what activities, and how efficiently, impacts the end results, and therefore has a direct bearing on employee engagement, organization productivity, and profitability.

The Sapience Enterprise Edition is a People Analytics @ Work technology solution that provides automated, accurate and highly granular visibility into your talent pool’s effort and contributions. This can be used by HR leaders for a more transparent and objective Talent Management approach. Further, it provides each stakeholder in the business with the required data and insights to improve and realize their full potential.

Solution Features

Dashboard with Performance Metrics for performance appraisal and review meetings

Platform for employees and teams to achieve excellence and showcase their work

Employees get a Sapience Buddy app on their PC that is their guide on the path to productivity and wellness

Automated tracking and analysis of team effort and variations between Top 20% and the rest helps identify areas of improvement in workload distribution and employee engagement

Powerful analytics engine for comparing business units, projects, teams, technology, roles, etc. enables head to head comparisons and bright spot analysis

Workforce forecasting based on accurate resource utilization trends across groups, roles, skills and locations and any other business dimension of interest

Identify employees ready for elevated role, and those at potential risk of attrition

Learning & Development focus on smart work practices

Make productivity improvements through mindful work fun for employees with the Gamification Platform

Link Badges won from gamification platform to the Corporate Rewards program

Get the Pulse of the Organization through electronic ‘mood’ survey

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