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Employee Engagement represents the quality of the relationship between the organization and its employees. An “engaged” employee is aligned with the organization’s goal and values, motivated to contribute to its success and in the process enhances his/her own sense of well-being. Studies find that the majority of the workforce today is disengaged and attribute work as the biggest contributor to stress in life. Employees are spending more time at work and yet struggling to finish tasks. This takes a toll on the employee’s commitment to the organization. Achieving work-life harmony is not even a goal anymore.

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Employee Engagement is typically measured by conducting periodic surveys followed by announcements of new HR practices or incremental process improvements. These rarely make a significant difference. Instead, a more proactive approach that addresses and helps resolve the root causes is required. Sapience is a unique technology solution that provides Automated Visibility and Analytics about individual and team engagement and their contributions. It empowers each stakeholder in the business to help improve Employee Engagement in their own circle of influence:

  • Employees: Sapience provides an application on each user’s desktop, that profiles their work time, activities and habits. It is their own data on their PC. The user learns how to avoid distractions, stay focused and deliver the results expected of him/her in reasonable time. This enables each employee to become more effective at work while avoiding burnout.
  • Managers: For the first time, managers get accurate team insights that help them to delegate effectively, balance workload across team members, and guide the team to stay focused on the right activities that result in the best possible outcome.
  • Business Leaders: Sapience helps create organizational structures that inspire the employees to take pride in their work. It provide insights about exact utilization levels at all levels, based on which they can optimally align their workforce to strategy.

This never-before and precise operational data from Sapience helps you to structure targetted initiatives for improving and sustaining high levels of employee engagement.

Solution Features

Dashboard with organization wide Engagement Analytics and Insights

Platform for employees and teams to achieve excellence and showcase their work

Employees get a Sapience Buddy app on their PC which is their guide on the path to productivity and wellness

Automated tracking and analysis of team effort and variations between Top 20% and the rest helps identify areas of improvement in workload distribution and employee engagement

Powerful analytics engine for comparing business units, projects, teams, technology, roles, etc. enables head to head comparisons and bright spot analysis

Identify employees ready for elevated role, and those at potential risk of attrition

Make productivity improvements through mindful work fun for employees with the Gamification Platform

Link Badges won from gamification platform to the Corporate Rewards program

Get the Pulse of the Organization through electronic ‘mood’ survey

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