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For any BPO, the most important asset is their employees and their time. BPOs that are able to manage the time of employees effectively are more likely to be profitable with higher Customer Satisfaction ratings and greater Employee Engagement. BPOsrely on relatively outdated technology to get details of how employees spent their time at work. Swipe cards provide data only about physical time in office. If they have to fill up Timesheets manually, the data is highly error-prone and subjective and does not reflect their correct time on work and breakup across activities. Most BPOs have floor managers to keep an eye on employees, which is a relatively expensive and inefficient way to keep track.

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BPOs are typically able to capture the output that employees are delivering more effectively than traditional IT companies for example. However, these numbers do not help in identifying any process or structural issues that may be impacting employee productivity. Henec, there is no objective way to assess whether the team is capable of delivering more output in the same time, and how much more. The absence of accurate visibility into the total work time and distribution by activity impacts the BPO through missed SLAs, higher cost of manual supervision, budget overruns, client dissatisfaction, and reduced profitability. Sapience is a unique technology solution which provides the desired Automated Visibility and Analytics about individual and team effort, at every level of the business. The Sapience BPO Edition is specially engineered to track Transactions (volume, average elapsed time and touch time), thereby providing a 3600 view into employee and team productivity. This never-before and precise operational data helps BPOs raise their game in each of these critical aspects of the business:

  • Transparency: The ability to track and analyze employee effort (actual work time, activity breakup), and make comparison between employees and teams, helps reveal significant opportunities for improvements.
  • Predictability: Accurate visibility into operational data(transaction volume, effort, and their correlation) improves the ability to set and achieve the best possible SLAs.
  • Cost: Overtime costs come down drastically, and it becomes possible to increase SLAs with the same team or meet SLAs with a smaller team. You need fewer floor managers to supervise and analyze BPO performance. All this can significantly reduce the overall cost of operations.

BPOs work on thin margins, and by using Sapience they can optimize on key operational aspects, thereby significantly improving profitability.

Sapience BPO Edition Features

Ability to capture and correlate employee Effort and Transaction Volume helps achieve significant productivity gains, thereby boosting financial performance

Live visibility into individual and team activities reduces the cost of manager supervision

Automated tracking and analysis of employee effort helps identify areas of improvement in workload distribution and employee engagement

By tracking time on core and non-core work, it becomes possible to drive high impact structural and process changes

Powerful analytics engine for comparing business units, projects, teams, technology, roles, etc. enables head to head comparisons and bright spot analysis

Resource utilization trends and reports result in data driven decisions regarding staffing and hiring

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