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More Insights. More Productivity. More Engagement.

Every organization, every workforce, every project is driven by insight. But harnessing those metrics in a meaningful way can feel elusive, and short-term success doesn’t always translate into long-term growth. Until now.

Sapience gives you the power to capture insights in a mindful way, providing enlightened analytics that are designed to drive productivity and engagement. Managers get work trend data at a macro level so they can guide their teams more efficiently. Employees can track their performance and work habits, significantly improving work-life balance as a result. Get mindful with Sapience.

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Understand your organization at a whole new level with meaningful analytics and a fresh approach.

Work Effort:

Automated measurement of exact effort and utilization compared to estimates.

Measure & Improve Productivity:

Capture output and compare with effort to spark transformation.

Employee Engagement:

Assess and improve engagement levels throughout the organization.

Trend Spotting:

Discover patterns and trends for every level within the enterprise.

Power Analytics:

Compare work patterns across business units, projects, or roles.

Get Lean:

Support lean management diagnostics and highlight productivity gaps.

Automated Time Sheet:

Create pre-filled timesheets and automate submission to save employee time and to ensure compliance.

With Work Yoga, your enterprise can build the attributes that lead to success: Employee Engagement, Wellness, Productivity and Profitability. Bring meaningful change and achievable goals to every cubicle and conference room.

  • Learn

    Employees can understand their work habits

  • Act

    Meaningful actions for individuals and teams

  • Reach

    Goals that get employees to mindfulness

  • Achieve

    Work-life harmony across the organization

Our Clients Love Us

”I love this tool and use it every day. As a CEO it is important that I spend significant time on Strategy. Using Sapience, we can optimize the collective effort at Clarion.”

Ankur Agarwal
CEO & Co-founder, Clarion Technologies

”Sapience gives us the ability to check if we are able to allocate sufficient time for our core activities during our work day. At BMC, we have implemented Sapience with the utmost regard for privacy – personal data is visible only to individuals.”

Shailesh Joshi
Director – Product Development, BMC Software

”What the team at BMC are doing with Work Yoga challenges is well aligned with Agile Principal 8 which is all about sustainable pace. It’s awesome to see all of them learning and driving towards that through these challenges.”

Enterprise Agile Coach at MNC

”We are seeing positive trends this month – Golden hours are proving to be very effective with a gain of 30minutes in the core activity. It is great to see team members enthusiastically accepting & winning ‘In the zone challenges’.”

Sr. Director at an MNC

Do You


  • Where’s your focus?

    Only 25% of employee time is on core tasks (Mckinsey)

  • Many are stressed, but even more are disengaged

    33% feel valued but stressed, while 50% feel disengaged (APA Survey)

  • Make more money by improving your workplace

    Motivating Millennials: Did you know that every 10% improvement in workplace climate = a 20% increase in revenue?

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  • Everyone needs a good challenge

    A study shows the #1 reason for slacking at work – the lack of challenging work

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  • More hours does not equal more productivity

    34% of employees said they waste time at work because they work too many hours, according to a study

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  • Set clear incentives and keep your employees engaged

    Why do employees slack? 32% said company gives no incentive to work hard, 23% cited boredom, via study

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  • We all need a break

    Is 100% productivity ideal? Research shows taking regular breaks from work improves creativity and productivity

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  • Do you really need to send that email?

    U.S. employees at large companies reported spending 14% of their workweek on email, via a survey from At Task

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  • Thinking can be just as valuable as doing

    With dedicated weekly hours of “think time,” employees solve problems at Intel Corp.’s Software & Services

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