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Every day comes to us full to the brim with minutes and hours. The same amount of time, every day, for everyone. And yet there are some who manage to pack so much into their day. Why can’t we all do it? Why can’t we all have work-life balance? We’re always short of time and come what may, we can’t beg, borrow or steal time.


What we can do is find time for what matters. Time for:




focused work

fitness activities

Whatever your requirement, we will help you find time for it.



Time waits for no one. It doesn’t matter whether you are the CEO, a senior manager, an entry level employee, a freelancer or a student. You get the exact amount of time as anybody else and all your day’s work must get done in only that much time.

What if you managed to get a few more hours more? While you can’t exactly manufacture more time, but with our help, you can certainly find more time.


Use Sapience Buddy, your personal productivity software, to learn how to better manage your time at work and outside of work.


Sapience Buddy is available as separate apps for your PC (Windows, MAC, Linux) and mobile (Android, iOS). Sapience can merge data from one or more PCs and mobiles that you may be using, and provide a consolidated analysis and dashboard on your PCs.

Introducing Sapience Work Yoga

When you understand your work habits and set meaningful goals, it’s like that “aha” moment in yoga. You click. Use our Work Yoga to get mindful and make work-life balance into an everyday practice.

  • Learn

    Understand your work habits, easily

  • Act

    Change it up with meaningful goals

  • Reach

    Dig into a new approach to become Mindful Me

  • Achieve

    Revel in work-life harmony

The most feature rich and intuitive app ever.

Managing time has never been easy. Sapience Buddy brings to you many new amazing features to manage your time. Set goals, get automated updates and help of personal assistance to keep you on track. Achieving Work Life Harmony has never been easier.


Secure Data sharing:

Anonymized sharing of data on the server for comparison with average trends

Intelligent Personal Assistant:

Stay on track and build even more healthy habits

Synchronized View:

Real-time sync between PC and mobile

Sapience Work Yoga:

Achieve work-life harmony and reduced stress

Social Share:

Let friends and colleagues know about your success

Automated Input:

Non-intrusive and easy to use


Sapience Buddy is an automated time-tracking app that offers you a host of features and benefits.
On your PC, Sapience Buddy offers you
  • Fully automated time tracking
  • Real-time Sync – synchronize your time capture from multiple devices
  • Multiple project tracking – create multiple projects and track time against projects
  • Time capture for all activities at work –time spent on email, meetings, documentation, etc
  • Define your core and non-core work activity
  • Gamification- set goals and challenges for yourself and track
  • Notification – for your goals and wellness track time against those
  • 100% security – your data remains with you
    • Anonymized sharing of data on the server for comparison with average trends. • Option to block sharing of data to ensure that your data remains on your PC.
When downloaded on your mobile, Sapience Buddy offers:
  • Fully automated time tracking
  • Complete integration with Google fit – see work and workout data together
  • Location tracking – see where you spend most of your time
  • Track miles travelled- automatic capture of miles travelled
  • Set goals
  • Track time on various activity- calling, travel, apps usage

What People Say

”I am able to identify where my time goes so by reducing that time I can go back home early and that is the biggest advantage that I see.” sapience buddy software

Peeyush Agarwal
Sr. Developer - Clarion Technologies

”When ‘Golden Hours’ was introduced within the team, the initial feeling was limiting the development freedom, I thought it would slow me down as I will not be able to take help. ..” Read More

Pradnya Chavan
Associate Software Engineer

”I’ve been using Sapience for the past four years, and it has helped me improve my work time in office.”

Sr. Software Consultant

”I am getting more time with my kids by rationing my time on social media and news sites, and just getting my work done.”

Mommy Blogger

”Sapience goals and challenges gave me satisfaction of focused work. It helps to know that I did my best.”

Business Analyst

”Sapience acts as a Work Guide for me. I can set goals in areas where I need to optimize my time.”

Sr. Journalist

”I accepted the In the Zone challenge, and now manage to finish my important tasks for the day.”


”I was wasting hours each week doing data entry into my timesheets for my clients. Now Sapience Buddy handles it seamlessly.”

Jeniffer Hurley

”Sapience Buddy is the extra team member at our firm ensuring our team is working towards the set goals while helping them maintain a healthy work life balance.”

Alex Pintoe
Managing Partner

”Only thing I changed in my working day was not accessing outlook from 2 to 4 pm and avoided leaving my desk for any kind of ad-hoc work-related discussions with team members.”

Sr. QA Lead at an MNC

”I have been a 5 times winner of the ‘In the zone’ badge – All I did was check outlook only three times in a day and decline all meetings where I’m not needed. Also for my team we follow a golden hour slot of 3 to 4 PM.”

Sr. Developer at an MNC

”My hack for winning badge -Limited use of outlook, reduced breaks and setting DND status on Skype.”

Sr. Analyst at an MNC

“I am using Sapience Buddy these days coz most of the work is on PC.. The experience is awesome”.

Apoorva Bhatia
Post Graduate student in IIT Chennai
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