Did You Miss Any Goals At The World Cup?

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The FIFA World Cup just same to an exciting climax and if you are like us you are probably feeling a strange emptiness in your schedule. Among all the goals that were scored though there were some that were missed that you may not have noticed.

Quite surprising when you consider that you were probably the one who missed them – surprised? Well don’t be. A detailed study done by a NYC based Personal Advise firm, SmartAsset, estimated the loss of productivity due to people watching the soccer in working hours and the numbers are truly staggering with an overall estimate of over $ 7 billion lost. The US led the loss of productivity – probably due to a combination of the higher average wages, larger working population and the games being telecast in working hours mostly. The study was restricted to only the participating countries – imagine the numbers if it was extended worldwide. If you ask us we think the soccer was great but like the best players it would be wise to keep an eye on our goal too at all times. Read more here

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