Work place Productivity – Hardly working!

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Recently I came across very relevant research (courtesy – piece on employee productivity at work place. It confirms the data captured by Sapience that employees work much less than their usual timesheet documented “8 hours”. This is a reality of today’s work place with so many distractions in place.

What is the way out of this burning problem of poor employee engagement and productivity?

Sapience takes a stab at it and addresses the problem in three steps.

  1. Collect time and effort spent at work automatically – so there is no manual intervention and hence no subjectivity
  2. Let employees verify for themselves how much they are “at work” as against “in office” – this triggers self improvement
  3. Consolidate this data at all levels of enterprise hierarchy and make it available to those who need it – they know if a programmer is spending time on programming or busy in meetings

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