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Measuring effort and productivity goes way back to the 18thcentury when famous management guru Frederick Taylor’s proposed the theory of scientific management, which incorporated productivity measurement, improvement and experimentation as an essential feature for improving the productivity of employees and Organisations as a whole.

Based on that theory, modern day effort analytics provides users to work with a thought process in mind so that they can manage their time well and give maximum output, testing various approaches themselves. The concept of “self quantification” has contributed to a very important aspect of consumer trend and its relation to business context.

Why this Need to Analyse Efforts?

After the recent recession the business models have taken a sharp change where the clients like to pay the service providers only for the outcome delivered to them and not for the effort that has been put in by the team. In short a vendor gets paid only for the output produced. To meet such a change in business model, companies now aims  to analyse the effort put in by employees so as to increase their productivity levels and generate higher revenues from their clients.

What it can do for Employees?

The “self tracking” part of effort analysis shows employees a mirror of their work. Analyzing that they can improve themselves and contribute more to the organisation’s productivity. Effort analytics can help them cut out distractions at work, manage and prioritise their activities, and make them do more work in less amount of time.

What it does for Decision Makers?

It is the Senior Management that gets the most tangible benefit if Effort Analytics is in place. It allows them to look at the ‘big picture’ of the productivity of the organisation as a whole. They can optimize their Team’s activity mix and assess their utilisation levels to get more out of the existing people.

We at Sapience have developed a smart effort analytics application, which creates a Win Win situation for the Employees as well as the Managers. It tracks the actual time spent on work, both On-PC as well as Off-PC, in that process it masks the personal activities done on web as private and the details are not conferred to the Managers. Managers get automated time sheets, which allows them to track the performance and helps them in setting out goals for improvements. Moreover, it provides a detailed analysis of the capacity utilization identifying under utilized and over worked teams.

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